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Long Cuts (orchestral Scores)


Drillinge, 5’11
full Orchestra, broadcasted Live from "Grosser Konzertsaal der Hochschule für Musik", München

"Nacht der Filmmusik 2011" Bayern 4 Klassik Münchner Rundfunk Orchester, directed by Frank Zacher

Romantic Comedy, 4’40
full Orchestra, broadcasted Live from "Grosser Konzertsaal der Hochschule für Musik”, München

"Nacht der Filmmusik 2011" Bayern 4 Klassik; Münchner Symphoniker, directed by Heiko Mathias Förster
Human Affairs, 19,58 min
traditional Score with Strings, Woodwinds, Harp & Percussion

Serenity, 2’17

strings in gentle motion, major key

Inner Conflict, 5’16

strings play quiet, periodical gestures, gradually changing to harmful moods after 0’41: escalation starts slowly from 1’01, leading to outburst of fury at 1’50; from 2’10 painful inner conflict; from 2’52 driving rhythm with chromatic oboes and strings; cumulation from 3’28, calming down slowly after 3’51; two new startups from 4’06 till 4’54 (climax)

Blessing In Disguise, 1’21

lyrical strings against emotional background; minor key

Indecision, 4’15

lyrical strings against emotional background; minor key

Escape, 1’33

gloomy beginning, followed by fast, relentless string motives with accentuated comments; diminishing after 1’06, calm conclusion

The Plot, 2’30

chromatic motives which evolve periodically , leading to exciting tremolos with comments from harp at 0’49; pick up slow pace from 1’11; increase from 1’23; from 1’46 new startup with chromatic details

Deliverance, 2’39

Lyrical strings and woodwinds against emotional background, with intermittent dramatic comments


Natural Scenes, 7’59
traditional Score with Strings, Horns, Woodwinds, Harp, Celesta & Percussion

Perfect World, beauty, harmony, heaven; two small cumulations followed by a 30 sec. climax after 1´00; grand gesture, mid tempo; from 1´33 quiet, solemn, positive atmosphere; from 3´30 Rainforest, tropical birds in mangrove jungle, water meadows; extensive tremolos with flutes and strings; from 4´37 strings play wide phrases suggesting untouched nature; return to tremolos with flutes and strings after 6`26

Mysterious Adventure, 9’47
thrilling Score with fat drums and loops

various lines of suspense; powerful articulation with periodical breaks; from 3’50 "Searching for the Final Evidence"; manhunt; from 5’46 pulsing phrases; emotional pain; slow increase until 7’58; electronic pads with sloppy drumloop till end


Short Cuts
(small ensembles, chamber music, electronic cues, sound design)

vivid, cute & smart...!

Mobile Humor, 1’56

two saxophones, two clarinets, tuba, acoustic guitar and selected percussion

Elephant´s Next Coup, 2’08

trumpet, trombone,whistle, tuba, acoustic guitar and selected percussion

Little Comic Walk, 2’02

several woodwinds, harp & marimba, small string orchestra and selected percussion

Irish Tap, 1’49

violin, clarinet, acoustic guitar, bass and drumkit

Dawdling Scherzo, 1’38

woodwinds, marimba, bass & percussion

Gipsy Fast Forward, 2’31

violin, clarinet, acoustic guitar, marimba, bass & percussion

minor melodies

Yiddish Episode, 2’06

melancholic waltz with leading clarinet and bassoon accompanied by acoustic guitar, tuba and percussion

Real Emotion, 2’03

oboe, cello & harp in a tune, sounding as classical chamber music

cello & piano

Dusk Is Falling, 2’30

melancholic, dark and painful

Sparkling Nature, 2’56

ripply creek; summerrain;

piano solo

Ice Crystal, 1’58

lonesome, cold, reflective

Romantic Piano, 3’38

idyllic, contented, pleased

calming echos

Fluid Flutes, 2’25

delayed melody accompanied by hypnotical percussions

Metamorphosis, 2’09

delayed clarinet accompanied by hypnotical percussions

light paintings

Meditation At Dawn, 2’28

lyrical; winter, open space

Spheric Pulse, 3’00

groovy, spheric; Asia

Cosy Loneliness, 2’10

mystical, occult; suspense

dark paintings

Sybillic Sounds, 2’27

mystical, undersea; thriller

Eccentric Pathways, 2’31

lonely, anxious; mourning

The Stalker, 3’00

harm, threat, fear

electronic suspense

Ecocide, 2’02

pollution, underworld; from 0’23 to 1’43 calm piano embedded into chirping reverse effects; sporadic howls

Evil Accents, 2’26

chase, volcanic vapors, sizzling sulfur springs; looming 6/8 groove; uptempo

Lost In Space, 1’52

underwater world, night; pending chords with continual light drumbeats; slow tempo

Chase, 1’49

hectic rush, run for your life; driving, fast drum groove with angry sound effects

Threat, 2’02

monster; hits and grooves augmenting towards a climax, interrupted by threatening sounds

Graveyard, 2’31

slow strings with alternating vibraphone and harp motives

several modern cues

Elektro Dance, 0’53

pleasing house music

Action Comedy, 1’46

black & white cop couple looking for a witness

Sunset Chill, 1’06

hanging around on board of a sailing yacht, enjoying a glass of
cuba libre

Hard & Heavy, 1’15

chaotic trio freaking out in a flaming jam